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Artist: AC-DC

For Those About To Rock

Year: 1981  |  Tracks: 10
Genre: Hard Rock

Album price: $1.50

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  Title Price Length Lyrics Select All
1. prelisten For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) $0.15 5:43 mp3 lyric
2. prelisten Put The Finger On You $0.15 3:25 mp3 lyric
3. prelisten Let's Get It Up $0.15 3:53 mp3 lyric
4. prelisten Inject The Venom $0.15 3:30 mp3 lyric
5. prelisten Snowballed $0.15 3:23 mp3 lyric
6. prelisten Evil Walks $0.15 4:23 mp3 lyric
7. prelisten C.O.D. $0.15 3:19 mp3 lyric
8. prelisten Breaking The Rules $0.15 4:23 mp3 lyric
9. prelisten Night Of The Long Knives $0.15 3:25 mp3 lyric
10. prelisten Spellbound $0.15 4:30 mp3 lyric
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